“He is faithful” was started in January, 2020, borne out of David Mobley’s growing conviction that he ought to write more, as explained in the first post on this blog. It covers a range of topics at the whim of the author(s), but on the whole seeks to testify to God’s glory and faithfulness, from a Biblical perspective.

Audience: “He is Faithful” typically aims at a Bible-believing audience, and aims for an evangelical Christian perspective. While some posts may address apologetic topics or a broader audience, typically, we address issues of Christian faith, practice, and thought, or endeavor to bring a Biblical perspective to bear on broader issues. In our most optimistic moments, we might aspire to an approach not unlike that of C.S. Lewis’s “Mere Christianity”, but with perhaps more of a directly Biblical flavor.

Author(s): David L. Mobley works as a professor at UC Irvine, developing computer modeling techniques to help guide pharmaceutical drug discovery. He became a Christian while in college in the late 1990s, and since then his faith has shaped the course of his life and career, and led to his decision to pursue an academic career. He grew up in Northern California, spent time in a faculty position in New Orleans and now lives in Irvine – three places each with very different cultures. Now, he’s learning what the life of a “large family” is like, as he and his wife have six children.